The mission is in the name.  

SOURCE Studios: Sustained Operations Utilizing Resources for Culture, Communities, and the Environment.  



SOURCE Studios evolves out of the decades long history of projects initiated by artist Mel Chin; works that are collaborative, complex orchestrations; that are catalytic, durational as needed, and nimble/evolutionary by nature; coming from an art context though often cross-cultural and multidisciplinary, engaging with diverse fields including ecology, philosophy, history, urban planning, and politics. 

SOURCE will provide financial, administrative, and advisory support to creative projects in this vein, those that may require a more sustained situation, addressing a need that doesn’t typically exist in the arts community.  Initially, SOURCE will primarily support projects that come from Mel Chin Studio, such as the national Fundred Project (2008-ongoing) though holding an open door to like-minded projects. 

SOURCE was officially formed and awarded 501(c)(3) status in 2017.